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                  In Memory of Brad Walpus


Brad Walpus was born in Omaha, Nebraska on January 12, 1958. As we grew up together, we both loved the outdoors and spent as much time as we could outside in nature. We were constant fishing companions, and shared much in common with our love for the outdoors. As the years rolled by, we both found different avenues for our artistic talent.

 Brad became a well known car builder in Ashland, Nebraska. Brad's car building, repairing and custom painting was second to none. He was well known for his attention to detail when painting vehicles. Airbrushing was his tool and he could paint anything on four wheels.

In his final years Brad began to paint on canvas, metal and illustration board. He began creating wildlife paintings of his own. Unfortunately these years also brought illness to my brother and my companion. He passed away October 10, 2000. We miss him greatly, but remember his talent and gentleness to people and wildlife.

Brushstrokes brush.jpg

My company logo drawing was taken from one of Brad's painting's in dedication to him. 


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